Meet new people in Japan

A ladies-first social matching app for Japan

Ladies First

Making it a must for men to take the lead is a thing of the past. Hatch’s “Ladies First” feature aims to elevate the quality of conversations and matches by allowing female users to take the first step. For same sex matches, either side can send the first message.

24 Hour Time Limit

Dozens of matches, but no conversations? In Hatch, once two people match, the first message must be sent within 24 hours. If the message is not sent within that window, the match disappears. Say goodbye to those frustrating monologues.

Stoplight Color System

Knowing what the other person is looking for can be as important as knowing their name. In Hatch, users can categorize their goals by choosing from 3 colors. In short: green for casual, yellow for serious and red if you are taken and only looking for friends. Users can also filter by colors to find people with similar interests.

Filter by Language

Over 50% of the world's population speaks 2 or more languages. Speaking a language, generally encircles understanding a culture. It only makes sense to allow users to filter by language, in order for them to find that perfect match. It’s the perfect tool for third culture kids and avid travelers.

Free mode

Lots of matches but no idea who to hit up? Free mode lets users know who’s free to chat or meet by turning on an icon that will appear on their profile. The Free Mode icon stays on for 3 hours before automatically turning off.

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